Identifying Great Tires

Pick The Right Tire For The Job

It is very important that you pick the right tire for the right job. Many people will try to use the same tire all year long, but the truth is they are missing out on a lot of traction. The tires that you choose should reflect the type of conditions that you will be driving in. There is nothing worse than losing control of your vehicle because your tires do not have the traction that you need. There are many different types of tires and many of them are engineered for a very specific purpose. Here are a few different tires that you really need to know about. 

Winter Tires

Some of the most dangerous conditions will exist when there is snow or ice on the ground. This is the time when it is most important to have a very good tire. Losing control of your vehicle on the ice is a helpless feeling, and there are tires that are specifically designed to keep this from happening. Generally these tires are built from a softer rubber so it can flex and grip the ground. It is also very common for these tires to have microcrystals. These crystals will significantly increase the amount of traction that you have with the road. Traction in the snow and ice is the name of the game when it comes to being safe in these conditions. 

Summer Tires

Most of the driving that you do will most likely come during good conditions, or during semi-good conditions. So a good set of summer tires will generally be built out of very hard rubber. This is so the tire actually lasts a long time, but also because it will be gripping asphalt or concrete the majority of the time. The outer layer of the rubber will generally be designed to become a little bit sticky when it is heated up. The stickiness will allow for a better grip and more traction 

Off Road Tires

The tires that you choose for your off road recreation should be designed specifically for the task. Off-road tires should have wide and very deep tread to give you the traction that you need in the loose sands and dirt you will be driving on. The rubber will be soft to give you extra grip on all terrains that you can possibly drive on. Be sure that you only use an off-road tire off-road because they will wear down extremely fast on the asphalt.