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Gain An Edge On Your Competitors By Offering These Freebies For Winter Tire Customers

Launching a tire dealership puts you in a competitive world where you'll compete with other dealerships for customers' business. If you've just started your own tire company and winter is around the corner, you can make significant profits through the sale of winter tires. But, with many different places for motorists to buy their tires before the snow flies, you'll need to work hard to get their business. One option to consider is offering some freebies for any customer who buys four new winter tires. This type of promotion can often be enough to get a steady flow of customers visiting your dealership. Here are some freebies that you might wish to consider:

Free Mounting

Tire shops commonly charge a fee to customers who want a technician to take off their summer tires and put on their winter tires, but you can quickly stand out in the community by offering free tire mounting for those who buy a set of four winter tires. This free service will appeal to people who would otherwise pay to have this work done, as well as though who would buy a set and take the tires home to install themselves.

Free Summer Tire Storage

Once a motorist's winter tires go on his or her vehicle, he or she will need to store the summer tires until springtime. Tire storage can be a hassle for many motorists, given the amount of space that they occupy in the garage. If you have enough space at your facility, offering free tire storage is an effective way to gain customers. Your technicians can store a customer's summer tires immediately after mounting the winter ones or, if someone has bought the winter tires to do the work himself or herself, the customer can visit your dealership at a later date to drop off the set of summer tires for seasonal storage.

Free Rim Cleaning

A driver's summer rims will often be dirty by the time he or she comes to buy winter tires. Countless tiny particles of brake dust will cover the rims of any motorist who doesn't wash his or her rims regularly. Cleaning the rims can be a hassle because there are so many surfaces to clean, but fresh-looking rims can really augment the look of a vehicle. You can also consider offering free summer rim cleaning for any motorist who buys a set of four winter tires from you.

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