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Does Your Car Need New Tires? 3 Ways To Tell

The car tires are among the most neglected part of the vehicle by many motorists. It is dangerous to ignore your tires because they are connected with your safety on the road and the overall vehicle performance. But if you are keen, it is easy to tell when your car needs a new set of tires. You should be checking the pressure monthly. Here are other common indicators that your car needs a fresh set of tires.

Cracks in the Rubber and Air Bubbles

Some tires develop air-filled swellings on the sides. Typically, the presence of bubbles points to a production defect. Sometimes, it could be from air getting in between the internal layers. It is advisable to get new tires immediately after you notice this defect. Cracks on the rubber usually indicate that your tires have degraded. The degradation could be from age or coming into contact with corrosive materials. Cracks on the rubber can also be the beginning of dry rot. The only way to deal with such an issue is to replace the tires.

The Vehicle Makes Odd Sounds and Vibrations

Odd sounds and vibrations are other indicators to check your tires. Unusual noises can indicate issues from damaged suspension parts to improperly inflated tires. Instead of assuming you know the source, talk to an auto mechanic and have them assess the car.  Note that problems with the other car parts are likely to damage the tires, and you might experience a roadside emergency without timely intervention.

When the Tread Is Low or Uneven

The low tread is one of the obvious indicators that it is time to invest in new tires. One way to tell whether your car needs new rubber is using the penny test. If you place a penny in the groove between the treads, the head should disappear in it. If the tires are too old, you will see the top of the penny's head, and this should be your indicator that it is time to get fresh tires. The low tread is dangerous because it makes your vehicle challenging to maneuver on the road and prone to skidding and accidents. A related problem is uneven tread wear. Treads will wear out unevenly when you inflate the tires improperly or misalign the wheels.

These are simple ways to tell that it is time to invest in new vehicle tires. You should visit a tire sales shop and get your vehicle fitted with new and better tires.